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Have you had a Graduation Party, Birthday Party, or Barbeque ruined by the relentless bites from mosquitoes? There is now help.


West Nile Virus Transmission

The WNV is transmitted by infected mosquitoes, primarily Culex, Aedes, and Ochlerotatus spp. C. Pippins, the northern house mosquito is a common house hold mosquito and the primary vector of WNV. The mosquito becomes infected after biting infected wild birds that serve as the primary host of the virus.

Mosquito Life Cycle

Female mosquitoes lay their eggs on water or moist soil and the interior walls of tree holes, cans, and old tires that are likely to be flooded by water. Most mosquito larvae hatch within 48 hours and the larvae live in water. Female mosquitoes require a blood meal before they can lay their eggs, so only female mosquitoes bite. They bite every few days during their adult life cycle, which may last several weeks.

What you can do to help

This can be accomplished by removing any standing water on your property.

Mosquito Prevention

This application repels mosquitoes for up to 21 days. Scheduling should be done 1 week prior to any party.


1-2 days before the party we will spray the perimeter of your property, tall grasses, shrubs, and around the house were mosquitoes rest. By doing this we will repel the adult mosquito population from your property. For up to 21 days.


Homeowner’s, guests, or pets should stay away from application area until dry. Usually in 4-5 hours. This is a non-toxic pesticide product, safe for humans and pets.

Season Long Control Program

April - October. Spray applications are done every 21 days to give overlapping control.